Natural Movement

August 15 & 20, 2023
Lucerne, Switzerland


Fit, healthy and happy with natural movement!

When was the last time you crawled, jumped, rolled, climbed, have thrown objects, overcome physical obstacles, etc.?

Has it been a while? Or have you never done it?

Then it’s time to re-awaken your natural movement skills!

As humans we have a large variety of natural movement capabilities. In our modern society, however, we barely use them anymore. As a result, our understanding of movement as well as our competence for practical movement has become quite limited.

Even people training for fitness, yoga, or sports usually do so very onesided, neglecting the natural movement skills that can greatly benefit us in everyday life and even in emergency situations.

In this workshop you will discover and practice natural movement, in order to improve and enrich your fitness, health, and everyday life.

Practicing natural movement provides you the freedom to do,
what is important to you:

Whether it’s hopping across rocks, rescuing a cat,
moving house like a pro, romping around with kids,
or mastering your next competition.  🙂

We will look at the basics of the following human movement domains:

One of the most important, but nowadays usually neglected movement categories: from breathing to sitting positions, transitions, rolling, get-ups, and more.

Crawling as a natural way of locomotion on all fours.

From balancing to efficient barefoot locomotion, and stepping over/under obstacles.

Lifting and transporting heavy objects safely and efficiently.

Moving objects quickly and safely from person to person, and/or over big distances.

Jumping onto, down from, or over obstacles. Overcoming obstacles safely and quickly.

Efficiently getting onto obstacles and/or traversing them sideways.

Blocking and striking with staffs  – one of humankind’s oldest tools for self-defense and fighting.

No matter how old, young, fit, or unfit you are, you will learn natural and practical movement with safe progressions for your level of experience, fitness, and age.

Workshop Details


- tba soon -
6003 Lucerne, Switzerland

Date and Time

Saturday, August 5 and 12, 2023
2–5 pm

Workshop Leader

Rafael Järmann
Cert. MovNat Trainer, Level 2
MovNat zertifiziert Level 2


German with English translation

What to Bring

Comfortable training clothes and minimal shoes for indoor and outdoor.
Something to drink (maybe a snack).


CHF 167 (2 x 3 hours)
CHF 147 early booking discount until July 23, 2023

In this workshop you will discover movement from a new perspectiv, (re)awaken your natural capabilities, and learn to improve/create your own movement and fitness routine.

Natural movement is fun, improves your physical and mental fitness, grows your self-confidence, and brings you closer to your true nature.

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CHF 167 CHF 147 early booking discount until July 23, 2023

Frequent Questions and Answers

This workshop is open to anyone interested in movement, especially if you want to (re)discover your natural movement capabilities.

No matter what your level of fitness/age/experience is, we will look at the fundamental human movement capabilities in a safe and progressive manner suitable for all levels.

We will, for example, crawl, balance, roll, lift and carry objects, throw and catch objects, hang, overcome obstacles, jump, and so on. Not just because it’s fun, but in order to learn and improve our fundamental human movement skills.It’s all about practical movement that you can integrate into your daily life or training routine.

Absolutely, that’s not a problem.

In order to learn the fundamental human movement capabilities you don’t need to be fit, but rather you will become fit by learning and practicing them. All movements will be broken down to learn them step by step, and there will be variations suitable for all levels of fitness and experience.

You need comfortable clothes that allow you to fully move in them – including on the floor and on all fours.

For maximum freedom of movement you should wear minimal shoes, or be barefoot. For the part of the workshop that takes place outdoors, you should wear minimal shoes.

Probably both. We will mainly be indoors where we have all the necessary equipment available. Weather permitting we will also spend part of the workshop outdoors.

Natural Movement refers to the fundamental human movement capabilities. It was defined and made popular by Erwan Le Corre in 2008 through his physcial education and fitness system called MovNat.

It encompasses skills like breathing correctly, ground movement, crawling, walking, balancing, running, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, jumping, vaulting, climbing, swimming, diving, and self-defense techniques like striking and gripping.

Anyone can benefit from improving their movement – from professional athletes to couch potatoes. You don’t have to be fit to move, you have to move, in order to become fit.

Training natural movement provides you the freedom to do, what is important to you: whether that be hopping across rocks, rescuing a cat, moving house like a pro, romping around with kids, or mastering your next competition.