Cold Walk

to Top of Bireggwald

February 12, 2022
Lucerne, Switzerland

Are you interested in a little cold adventure? Discover your inner fire and hike to the top of Bireggwald in your swimwear.

If you’re interested in a dry cold experience (compared to winter swimming), this is a great opportunity to do so safely and with like-minded people.

You will get a chance to deeply connect with yourself, the cold and nature around you.

The whole walk / hike will take about 1.5 hours, of which 30 minutes will be cold exposure in swimwear.

It will be a challenging and empowering experience suitable for beginners and experienced cold aficionados alike. You are in complete control and decide for yourself how much or little you want to wear aside from your swimwear (i. e. shoes, gloves, hat, scarf, etc.).

At the top we’ll enjoy a beautiful scenic view, maybe do some Qigong or warm-up exercises, and get dressed again to walk back down.

Afterwards, you’re invited to Rafael’s place to warm up, enjoy a creamy, vegan hot chocolate and share your experience. This part is optional and open to everyone, but because of limited space please indicate if you’d like to join when you sign up for the event.


What to bring

Preparation tips

Event Details


Start and finish outside Neubad, Bireggstrasse 36, 6003 Luzern

Date & Time

Saturday, February 12, 2022
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
+ optionally hot chocolate at Rafael's (until approx. 8 pm)

Hike Time & Distance

Approx. 1.5 hours
2.6 km
155 m altitude difference

Cold Exposure Duration

30 min in swimwear
(can be individually shortened or extended)

Experience Level

Suitable for beginners and experienced cold aficionados alike


Rafael Järmann


English and/or German
(depending on the group's preference)

What to Bring

See event desription above

Maximum number

12 participants




Join us for a challenging, fun, and empowering experience in the cold.

Registration deadline: February 10, 2022

For beginners:

You don’t need to, but if you’d like to get started with cold exposure, here are some tips:

  • During the weeks before the event try to occasionally go outside with less clothes on than you’re used to (e. g. without a jacket, hat, gloves, or only short-sleeved). Start with 5 minutes and see how you feel. When you feel comfortable to do so, increase the intensity by exposing yourself for longer and/or with less clothing.
  • You can also experiment with cold showers, or join us for one of our weekly swims in the lake.